VOXI added 26,000 customers last quarter

By Adrian Vincent - 5 Feb 2024, 17:00 VOXI added 26,000 customers last quarter

VOXI, a subsidiary brand by Vodafone, added an impressive 26,000 customers last quarter, as it continues on its path to becoming one of the UK’s largest MVNOs.

The VOXI MVNO was created by Vodafone to target young adults, offering unlimited social media for apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp, with select plans also including unlimited music and video for Spotify, YouTube and similar services.

In mid-2023, VOXI saw a brand overhaul, shifting their focus away from millennials and towards Gen Z instead. With impressive growth numbers, it appears the strategy is working.

Despite this, VOXI is not just an enticing offer for young people. With SIM plans starting from just £10 per month, VOXI is especially competitive when compared to its parent company, Vodafone, who are generally on the more expensive side.

Previously, only those under 30 could join VOXI, requiring proof of age with an ID such as a passport or driving licence. However, this policy was removed on 4th April 2019, with VOXI opening up to all ages.

VOXI continues to grow despite introducing charges for EU roaming after Britain left the EU, with customers needing to pay £2.25 per day just to use their allowance.