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Find out how much you will pay in total for your phone or SIM only deal over the contract duration

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Are the tariff and device separate contracts? For example, with O2 Refresh plans
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24 months
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24 months
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      What is the total cost calculator?

      Our phone contract total cost calculator is designed to be a simple and easy to use tool, to calculate exactly how much you will need to spend over the entire duration of your phone or SIM only contract.

      Networks tend to obscure the total cost of a phone contract when signing up, as breaking down the cost into smaller, manageable monthly payments appears more affordable and attractive, as opposed to a large lump sum, which can discourage potential buyers. This tool aims to make this clearer and upfront.

      How does the total cost calculator work?

      To find out the total cost of your phone or SIM contract, we’ll ask you for several details, including the monthly cost, upfront cost (excluding SIM only deals) and contract length. You’ll also have the option to enter the cashback amount, assuming the network provides any with your chosen deal.

      Once you’ve entered the necessary details, we’ll present the total cost you’ll be required to pay over the entire contract duration, including a step by step breakdown of the costs, to make it clearer and simpler to understand where and when your money is going.

      Does the total cost calculator work with any network or contract type?

      Absolutely - our total cost calculator is designed to work with any phone or SIM only deals for all UK networks, regardless of the contract type.

      This also includes more complex deals like those offered by O2 Refresh and Sky Mobile, where the handset and tariff are distinct agreements with varying terms. Although Ofcom regulations stipulate a maximum duration of 24 months for phone contracts, networks are able to circumvent this restriction by treating the device cost as a separate financial arrangement, akin to a loan, which is generally not subject to the same duration limits. It’s therefore common to see a phone contract with a device agreement for 36 months, and a separate tariff agreement for 24 months. Our tool is easily able to calculate the total cost of such contract types.

      Does the total cost calculator factor in inflation price rises with RPI and CPI?

      No, the calculator tool does not consider mid-contract price rises, as these rates can vary throughout the year and are not set at a fixed rate. Your network will inform you of any price rises, which often align with inflation rates published periodically by the Bank of England.

      How often is the calculator updated?

      We’re continuously updating and enhancing the features of the calculator to evolve with the changing landscape of the phone contract market, adapting to any new or different types of contracts offered by networks. If you have a suggestion or notice a problem, please get in contact with us.