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    Android phone deals

    What is an Android phone?

    Android phones are devices which run the Android operating system, developed by Google.

    Android is open source, meaning the code is publicly available for anyone to see and free for anyone to use.

    Although there are various open source phone operating systems, Android is by far the most popular, with an overall 85% market share with over 3 billion devices shipped.

    Various manufacturers develop Android phones, with Samsung by far the most popular.

    Manufacturers often customise Android to their liking, with various skins and additional features on top.

    Most Android phones come with various Google apps, including Google Play, which is the equivalent of the App Store on iPhones.

    On the other hand, iPhones run a proprietary, closed source operating system called iOS, which is exclusively developed by Apple).

    How much should I pay for an Android phone deal?

    The amount you should pay for an Android phone deal depends on your budget, and whether you want a low end phone or high end phone.

    Android phone deals can range from £10 for budget phones, to more than £50 a month for flagship phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22.

    Generally, if you buy an Android phone deal with zero upfront cost, you will on average spend a greater total cost over the entire contract length.

    If you’re buying a budget phone, it often works out more cost effective to buy the phone SIM free, and pair it with a SIM only deal.

    Are Android phone deals cheaper compared to iPhone deals?

    On average, Android phone deals tend to be less expensive than iPhone deals, even for devices with comparable specs and features.

    Furthermore, Apple generally do not manufacture budget phones, with prices starting at a minimum of £400 off contract. On the other hand, Android phones can start from as little as £20, in particular from brands such as Alcatel.

    Despite Android phone deals being less expensive on average compared to iPhone deals, Android phones have a greater price range, with premium Android phones reaching up to £2000 - considerably more than any phone sold by Apple.

    For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 initially launched for a staggering £1,599. That’s quite the difference from budget Android phones which cost as little as £20.

    Generally, networks tend to ask a premium for the latest Apple devices, such as the iPhone 13. This is because they tend to be more risky for networks, with a greater chance of fraud and missed payments on contracts.

    Is it easy to move from an iPhone to an Android phone?

    Yes, moving from an iPhone to an Android phone is incredibly easy, and can be done wirelessly.

    Google has developed Google Switch, which is an easy to use app that can automatically backup your data, such as contacts, texts and photos, and migrate it to an Android phone.

    You can even transfer your WhatsApp data, including messages, call logs and photos.

    To use, install Switch to Android on your iPhone. Once you have selected what you wish to transfer, a QR code will be shown, which you must scan on your Android phone. The transfer will begin wirelessly, and is automatic.

    What’s the best Android phone deal?

    Currently, the best overall Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S22, with deals starting from £0 upfront. The Galaxy S22 has the perfect balance between performance, design, battery life and price.

    If you prefer a more experimental device, you may want to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3, which both feature foldable displays.

    If you’re looking for the best camera, look no further than Sony Xperia phones. Their best in class hardware features proprietary camera sensors, which are generally hard to beat.

    The Google Pixel lineup is ideal for those who are looking for a fast, clean experience, without any unnecessary bloatware. By making the software and hardware, Google Pixel phones tend to be faster and most efficient compared to other Android phones.

    If you’re looking for the most premium Android phones, Oppo is your best bet. Their flagship phones, such as the Oppo Find X5 Pro, come packed with features and specs - however expect to pay a hefty price.

    The best budget Android phones tend to come from Motorola, Alcatel and Nokia. Surprisingly, Samsung also make great budget phones, even though they also make some of the most expensive Android phones on the market.

    Are Android phones better than iPhones?

    The difference between Android phones and iPhones is often subjective, with both having their positives and drawbacks.

    On average, Android phones tend to be less expensive, even for phones with comparable specs to the latest iPhones. However, the gap between the two is gradually closing, with Android manufacturers hiking their prices in recent years, driven in part by recent supply chain issues.

    Android phones are far more customisable compared to iPhones. You can customise nearly every experience of Android, and even install apps outside Google Play. On the other hand, iOS (the iPhone operating system) tends to be more locked down, and only allows you to install apps from the Apple App Store.

    Compared to Android phones, iPhones tend to play it safe, with simple designs and features that are familiar to most people. Contrastingly, Android phones come in all shapes and sizes, with new features such as foldable screens and an almost excessive amount of cameras.

    In terms of display quality, companies like Samsung develop their own panels, allowing them to access the best OLED technology first. Samsung phones in particular tend to have sharper, brighter screens with more colours - even with their budget phones, such as the Galaxy A53.

    Android phones also tend to have more memory (also known as RAM) and have larger batteries.

    It’s also easier to purchase an Android phone deal with zero upfront cost, with less chance of being declined by a network.

    Although Android phones tend to have better hardware, iPhones still manage to be more efficient and faster, thanks to Apple developing their own chips. In addition, by developing both the software and hardware, iPhones tend to be more optimised compared to Android phones. This often results in better battery life, despite having smaller than average battery sizes.

    Furthermore, Apple often provides more than 5 years of iOS updates, with most Android manufacturers often struggling to even provide a single year of Android updates. This means you can always be sure the latest iPhone will last you for years to come, with all the latest software features.

    In addition, apps tend to be higher quality on iPhones, as Apple manually approves each app that is published to the App Store. On the other hand, Android apps on Google Play are more of a free for all, with millions of low quality apps and no manual approval process by Google.

    What’s the difference between Samsung and Android?

    Android is an operating system developed by Google that is free for anyone to use.

    Samsung is a South Korean smartphone manufacturer, who happen to sell the most Android phones, and are often regarded as the best Android phones.

    Because of this, people often associate Android with only Samsung, despite there being hundreds of other brands that make Android phones.

    What’s the best network for Android phone deals?

    The best network for Android phones entirely depends on your needs and budget.

    If you tend to travel a lot, you should pick a network that still has free EU roaming, which includes the following networks:

    You should also figure out how much data you need, and which network has the best bang for your buck.

    The cheapest networks for Android phone deals tend to be Talkmobile and Tesco Mobile, both of which have the lowest total costs and monthly costs.

    How many Android phone brands are there?

    There are over 100 Android phone brands.

    Within the UK, the following list shows the Android phones you are most likely to come across, sold by most networks.


    What's the best Android phone deal?

    Currently, the best Android phone is the Samsung Galaxy S22, with deals starting from £0 upfront.

    Are Android deals cheaper than iPhone deals?

    Yes, on average, Android phone deals tend to be cheaper than Apple iPhone deals, with similar specs and generally greater data allowances.

    Can I switch from an iPhone to an Android phone?

    Yes, it's easy to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone with the Switch to Android app.