O2 offering up to £360 savings on their Like New phone contracts

By Adrian Vincent - 6 Jun 2024, 20:14 O2 offering up to £360 savings on their Like New phone contracts
  • New and existing O2 customers can save up to £360 on selected Like New devices
  • Existing customers can save a further £70 via the My O2 app
  • Like New phones go through 40 quality checks
  • Includes the same warranty cover as with new O2 Plus Plan & Classic Plan contracts

O2 has refreshed its “Like New” refurbished phone contracts today, with potential savings up to £360 when compared to new devices.

The offer is available for both new and existing customers with selected devices until 7 August 2024. After this date, customers will still be able to save on Like New phones, but at a reduced £200.

In addition to the £360 saving, existing O2 customers can save an additional £70 on top with a coupon, for a total saving of £430. The £70 offer is available with selected devices until 15 July 2024. To claim the offer, existing O2 customers must set the upfront cost to a minimum of £70 via the My O2 app. A unique coupon for each customer can be found in the My O2 app, which must be applied during checking out.

O2 says all its refurbished devices will go through 40 quality checks, to ensure the phone is in a Grade A condition. In addition, each Like New phone will have at least 80% battery capacity.

We assume the majority of these Like New phones are customer returns within the 14-day grace period, so most will be essentially new devices, just with an open box. Speaking of which, Like New phones will also include a 14-day return period.

Like New contracts will also come with the same O2 warranty as with new devices. Plus Plan contracts will come with a 3 year warranty, and Classic Plan contracts will include a single year warranty.

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