Spusu freezes prices until January 2026

By Adrian Vincent - 30 May 2024, 19:09 Spusu freezes prices until January 2026

Spusu, a relatively new network powered by EE, has announced that they will extend their price freeze promise until at least January 2026.

Spusu previously promised to freeze prices until the end of 2024, but it now seems the Austrian firm has gone even further to entice more consumers to switch.

Despite a strong presence in its home country of Austria, Spusu is still an unknown brand in the UK. So it appears the company is addressing this by simply becoming one of the most competitive mobile networks in the UK.

Spusu currently has one of the cheapest SIM only plans in the UK. At only £2.90 per month, it does come with a meagre 1GB data allowance, however the next cheapest offer is 38% more expensive, with Lycamobile’s £4 per month 5GB data plan.

Whether the strategy of outpricing the competition is working for Spusu is left to be seen, as the MVNO have not disclosed their sign up numbers since launching in the UK.

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