Vodafone deals and contracts

Everything you need to know about Vodafone, including deals, coverage and information


Vodafone is the ideal network for those seeking peace of mind, offering excellent customer support and an extended warranty with all pay monthly phones. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

In addition, Vodafone is the only network to offer 5G Ultra, which uses standalone technology to deliver 5G throughout the UK, providing lowering latency, fastest download speeds and improved reliability. Vodafone also claims their 5G Ultra technology is 25% more battery efficient when compared to other 5G networks.

With VeryMe Rewards and generous trade-in offers, Vodafone is a tempting network for many. However, no free EU roaming and only average download speeds might be a bit off-putting. Furthermore, Vodafone is joint with EE for being one of the more expensive networks in the UK, with limited data for your money.

2G coverage YesYes
3G coverage YesYes
4G coverage YesYes
5G coverage YesYes
Data rollover NoNo
Free EU roaming NoNo
Wi-Fi calling YesYes
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) YesYes
eSIM support YesYes
Customisable plans YesYes
Family plans YesYes
Tethering permitted YesYes
UK only call centres NoNo
Reward or Loyalty scheme YesYes
Physical stores YesYes
Unlimited data plans YesYes