VOXI customers can get a free coffee at Coffee this month

By Adrian Vincent - 1 Apr 2024, 16:27 VOXI customers can get a free coffee at Coffee this month

VOXI are giving away 65,000 free coffees at Costa until 23 April 2024.

To claim the offer, VOXI customers should head to the VOXI Drop section of the VOXI app or their online account.

Once claimed, customers will be given a code worth £3.80, which can be redeemed in-store at any Costa location.

Flat whites, mochas, chai lattes and hot chocolates are excluded from the offer, as they cost more than £3.80. However, you can still get a discount by paying the difference. For example, a flat white at Costa costs £4.05, meaning you’ll only need to pay 25p with a VOXI Drop code.

In addition to a free coffee from Costa, VOXI customers can claim 2 ODEON tickets for £8, or 2 ODEON Luxe tickets for £13. Similar to the Costa offer, it also needs to be redeemed via VOXI Drop.

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