VOXI customers can get 2 ODEON tickets for £8 every month

By Adrian Vincent - 11 Jan 2024, 10:00 VOXI customers can get 2 ODEON tickets for just £8

From 4th January 2024, all VOXI customers can get 2 ODEON tickets for just £8, or £13 if opting for premium Luxe tickets.

VOXI customers simply need to log into the VOXI app with their account and claim the award from VOXI Drop (similar to Vodafone VeryMe Rewards and O2 Priority).

The offer can only be claimed once per month. You can see any film you'd like (except 3D) at any time.

VOXI says there are only 20,000 codes, but they don’t specify if this is per week or month. We’ve contacted them to clarify this number.

There’s a £1 booking fee when purchasing tickets online, however this is waived when booking directly at the cinema.

Vodafone, who own VOXI, announced an identical deal for Vodafone customers just a couple of weeks ago. Vodafone customers can claim the reward using the VeryMe Rewards app instead.

However, unlike with the VOXI offer, Vodafone specifies that there are exactly 15,000 codes available per week.

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