Honest Mobile gets a brand overhaul

By Adrian Vincent - 25 Jan 2024, 19:31 Honest Mobile gets a brand overhaul

Honest Mobile, the UK’s first B Corp network founded in 2019, have revealed a complete redesign and brand overhaul, introducing a new logo, website and app.

The almost cartoony purple and yellow colour scheme has been thrown out for a cleaner white and green palette. The flat colour scheme, coupled with an increase in whitespace for the website and app, improves clarity and readability, with a good use of negative space for a more comfortable design.

We’re not too fond of the new logo, however. With no spacing between the lettering, it appears far too squashed and slightly ineligible at first glance.

The rebrand comes as Honest Mobile gears up to launch Smart SIM, a data-only eSIM that can switch between all 4 major networks (Three, EE, Vodafone and O2).

As a data only SIM, Smart SIM is expected to work best alongside a primary SIM card, whether it be from another network or with Honest Mobile.

Users can switch between networks using the Honest Mobile app. However, with the current alpha, data switching is only available for Google Maps and WhatsApp. Honest Mobile haven’t disclosed if this will be expanded to all apps with a general consumer release.

In addition to working in the UK, the Smart SIM will apparently work anywhere in the world for WhatsApp and Google Maps. Again, details on this are pretty scarce.

As a B Corp, Honest Mobile meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, according to B Lab UK, a non-profit organisation who issue B Corp certification.