EE pulls out of comparison websites

By Adrian Vincent - 2 Mar 2023, 23:53 EE pulls out of comparison websites

BT Group recently reached out to mobile phone and broadband comparison websites, requesting all EE and Plusnet deals to be pulled immediately, with affiliate commissions coming to an abrupt end.

The announcement comes despite the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK, with consumers racing to comparison websites to switch and find the cheapest deals for utilities such as phone, broadband, gas and electricity.

In a message to comparison websites, BT Group, who own EE and Plusnet, stated that they wish to "focus on a more direct and personal relationship with our mobile customers”.

In addition to pulling out of comparison websites, all EE contract deals for phones and SIMs have been removed from 3rd party resellers, such as Fonehouse and

As expected, not everyone is happy with the news. A community forum post on EE’s website has racked up a number of replies, with the overwhelming majority of them being negative.

One customer said they previously used a comparison website to find a better upgrade deal with EE two years ago. Looking to upgrade again, they say EE’s direct offers are not competitive, with deals from other networks on comparison websites costing much less.

Another customer said they have been a customer for over 10 years, but are now looking to switch as they can no longer find cheap EE deals on comparison websites.

An additional reply states “the offers are no longer there”, and they are looking to switch all members of their family to a cheaper network.

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