Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro is 55% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

By Adrian Vincent - 15 Sep 2023, 22:52 Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro is 55% faster than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Recent Geekbench 6 scores for the iPhone 15 Pro highlight just how far ahead Apple’s chip technology is when measured against the competition.

The results, which dropped earlier today, show the A17 Pro chip on the iPhone 15 Pro performing 55.14% faster for single-core performance and 44.76% faster for multi-core performance when directly compared to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.


The Galaxy S23 Ultra clocked in at 1878 for single-core performance and 4973 for multi-core performance, compared to the iPhone 15 Pro with 2914 for single-core performance and 7199 for multi-core performance.

The supposed flagship device from the South Korean giant includes an off the shelf Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip designed by Qualcomm. Samsung have considerably cut back on their own Exynos chip development in the last couple of years, following generally poor performance when compared to alternatives. However, it appears even the switch to Qualcomm’s technology is unable to keep up with Apple’s superior chip technology.


The Apple A17 Pro chip is one of the first to use TSMC’s latest 3nm process. The Californian giant has invested considerable amounts into TSMC, to ensure they have priority access over other customers. Coupled with hefty R&D investment in their own designs, Apple’s ARM chips are able to blow the competition out the water.

Model Single-core Multi-core
Samsung Galaxy S22 1385 3366
Samsung Galaxy S22+ 1479 3478
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 1510 3669
Samsung Galaxy S23 1847 4877
Samsung Galaxy S23+ 1870 4959
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 1878 4973
Apple iPhone 12 Pro 1982 4366
Apple iPhone 12 mini 1986 4361
Apple iPhone 12 1988 4353
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max 2046 4659
Apple iPhone 13 2183 5144
Apple iPhone 13 mini 2197 5165
Apple iPhone 14 2224 5383
Apple iPhone 14 Plus 2233 5408
Apple iPhone 13 Pro 2257 5420
Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 2267 5462
Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 2519 6367
Apple iPhone 14 Pro 2520 6387
Apple iPhone 15 Pro 2914 7199

What’s also noteworthy is how far the jump in performance of the A17 Pro is when compared to Apple’s previous A16 Bionic chip on the iPhone 14 Pro. Scores increased by 15.68%, from 2519 to 2914 with the iPhone 15 Pro. This is the largest jump in performance since the Pro line was initially introduced with the iPhone 11 Pro.

Although we don’t have benchmark results for the entry level iPhone 15 yet (which utilises the previous generation A16 Bionic), they’re likely to tell a similar story when compared to the entry level Samsung Galaxy S23.

The iPhone 15 Pro will be available to pre-order from tomorrow.