Three deals and contracts

Everything you need to know about Three, including deals, coverage and information


Three is often stereotyped as the worst network in the UK, delivering inferior coverage and slow download speeds. However, independent research has consistently shown opposite results, with Three being ranked as the fastest 5G network in many studies, all while maintaining some of the best availability throughout the country.

Three was previously renowned for being the cheapest network in the UK, with their competitive pay as you go rates and flexible 1 month rolling SIMs. Despite remaining the cheapest of the 4 major networks, Three no longer maintains its position as the best network for overall value. Many low-cost MVNOs have popped up in the past few years, offering more data and free EU roaming. However, with flexible phone plans and a generous loyalty scheme with Three+ Rewards, Three still has a lot to offer, together with fast 5G speeds and excellent coverage.

2G coverage YesYes
3G coverage YesYes
4G coverage YesYes
5G coverage YesYes
Data rollover NoNo
Free EU roaming NoNo
Wi-Fi calling YesYes
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) YesYes
eSIM support YesYes
Customisable plans YesYes
Family plans NoNo
Tethering permitted YesYes
UK only call centres NoNo
Reward or Loyalty scheme YesYes
Physical stores YesYes
Unlimited data plans YesYes