Tesco Mobile deals and contracts

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Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile is the largest MVNO in the UK, with over 5.5 million customers. Founded as an equal 50% share venture between Tesco and O2, Tesco Mobile is powered by O2’s vast network infrastructure.

With free EU roaming and no mid-contract price increases with Clubcard Price deals, Tesco Mobile is an enticing network for many. However, Tesco Mobile are no longer the cheapest network in the UK - a position they once held for many years. Newer networks, including Lebara and iD Mobile, offer better value for money.

Regardless, with excellent customer support and customisable phone contracts, you can’t go wrong with Tesco Mobile. They are a reliable and consistent network, having built a solid reputation since its founding in 2003.

2G coverage YesYes
3G coverage YesYes
4G coverage YesYes
5G coverage YesYes
Data rollover NoNo
Free EU roaming YesYes
Wi-Fi calling YesYes
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) YesYes
eSIM support YesYes
Customisable plans YesYes
Family plans YesYes
Tethering permitted YesYes
UK only call centres NoNo
Reward or Loyalty scheme NoNo
Physical stores YesYes
Unlimited data plans YesYes