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A pioneer in flexible 1 month rolling SIMs, giffgaff was one of the first UK networks to capitalise on the smartphone boom. Founded as a subsidiary of O2 in 2009, giffgaff became renowned for their cheap SIM only deals, particularly among young adults at the time.

Despite still offering decent value for money, giffgaff has struggled to compete with newer MVNOs in recent years, and often seems neglected at times, particularly following the Virgin Media and O2 merger.

While you can probably get better value from other MVNOs, giffgaff is still a reliable and consistent provider backed by O2. In addition, their phone plans often have some hidden gems, with 0% interest financing for many of the latest devices.

2G coverage YesYes
3G coverage YesYes
4G coverage YesYes
5G coverage YesYes
Data rollover NoNo
Free EU roaming YesYes
Wi-Fi calling NoNo
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) NoNo
eSIM support YesYes
Customisable plans NoNo
Family plans NoNo
Tethering permitted YesYes
UK only call centres NoNo
Reward or Loyalty scheme NoNo
Physical stores NoNo
Unlimited data plans YesYes