EE deals and contracts

Everything you need to know about EE, including deals, coverage and information


EE, a subsidiary of BT Group, is the largest network in the UK, with an estimated 26% market share. Originally founded in 2012, EE is renowned for launching the first 4G network in the country, maintaining its lead with the current best 4G availability. In recent years, EE has achieved several awards for being the fastest 5G network, with an expanding presence throughout major towns and cities across the UK.

EE offers a diverse range of pay monthly and pay as you go plans, including phone and SIM only deals. Despite its large market share, EE is infamous for being one of the more expensive networks, especially when compared to smaller MVNO providers. However, EE is consistently ranked as the best network when it comes to coverage, download speeds and reliability. In addition, EE is one of the few networks that have not outsourced their call centres overseas, with a UK and Ireland only presence.

2G coverage YesYes
3G coverage YesYes
4G coverage YesYes
5G coverage YesYes
Data rollover NoNo
Free EU roaming NoNo
Wi-Fi calling YesYes
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) YesYes
eSIM support YesYes
Customisable plans YesYes
Family plans YesYes
Tethering permitted YesYes
UK only call centres YesYes
Reward or Loyalty scheme YesYes
Physical stores YesYes
Unlimited data plans YesYes